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Neck & Back Pain

A man with back pain

Your neck – also referred to as the cervical spine – is a delicate accumulation of vertebrae, nerves, and muscles that work to support your head. The neck is very flexible and capable of rotating from side to side, up and down. Though the neck is not weak, it is susceptible to injury and pain.

Neck pain and back pain are two primary complaints often the result of a motor vehicle accident. This can include a rear end collision, side impact collision, or head on collision. Even a collision as little as a 5mph impact can cause sprain/ strain injuries to the neck and back. Neck and back injuries can also occur due to slip and falls, work injuries, etc.

Patients should seek immediate attention for neck and/or back pain caused by an injury. If you are experiencing neck or back pain after an auto-accident, our multiple disciplinary medical approach may be your solution.

Did you know…

Millions of Americans suffer from neck/back pain every day due to acute trauma and do not seek treatment early on because they believe it will go away on its own? When patients do seek treatment early on, many find that their injuries can be treated and pain relief can be maximized.

Should I seek treatment after an auto accident for my neck and back pain?

Yes. Our team of doctors are trained and experienced in all types of musculoskeletal disorders. Diagnostic testing and an in-person consultation will make it possible for our team to determine whether your neck and back pain can be treated with one of our rehabilitative methods. At Medical Rehab Accident Injury Center, you will receive Medical intervention to best alleviate your pain and rehabilitate your injuries.